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Welcome at Hauser Weinimport GmbH

Hauser Weinimport is an innovative and quality-oriented company of the wine and beverage industry.

We invite you to enjoy our manifold product portfolio on the following pages. We offer a wide range of products in the segments of wine, wine-based specialities (e. g. Mulled wine, Sangria, wine cooler) and non-alcoholic ice tea products.

Ice tea awards reward our commitment
Published by Hauser Weinimport - 27/5/2018
6,9% vol – 0,5 litre flip-top bottle
Published by Hauser Weinimport - 11/4/2017
“Hauser Weinimport from Fischach receives prize for long-term product quality”
Published by Hauser Weinimport - 10/4/2017
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