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"GIANDINO Bellini" con Pesca / con Fragole

Bellini was created in "Harry´s Bar" in Venice, sometime between 1931-1942. Due to its unique colour, which reminded the bar´s founder of the colour of a saints toga in the 15th century, he called the drink "Bellini".

Inspired by the genuine Bellini cocktail from Venice, Giandino Bellini presents itself as a refreshing, gently flavoured drink, lightly sparkling, with its taste of sun-ripened peaches / strawberries.

Giandino Bellini is the combination of tingly white wine and smooth purée of peaches / strawberries.

For best enjoyment of Giandino Bellini: serve well chilled, shaken-not-stirred, and present it in an elegant cocktail glass

Alcohol:5,5% vol
  • Peach
  • Strawberry
Available in:0,75 liter glassbottle
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