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Hauser Weinimport from Fischach receives prize for long-term product quality

Hauser Weinimport
Published by in News · 1 April 2019

The DLG’s (Germany Society for Agriculture) test center for food in Frankfurt am Main tests about 27.000 food products from Germany and abroad in one year. There are, among others, also included wines, fruit drinks and mineral water.

The foods are evaluated according to the DLG-5-Point-Scheme®, which is an objective and scientifically proven quality assessment for food. The assessment includes the sensory evaluation of appearance, smell, taste and consistency.
Products that pass the DLG’s test are awarded as “DLG-prized” in gold, silver or bronze. For companies successfully participating in those quality tests five years in a row the DLG awards the “prize for long-term product quality”.
We are really excited about being honored with the “prize for long-term product quality” for the 9th time in a row, which repeatedly confirms our consequent quality policy.

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