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Neufnachtaler Quelle: “Our spring – our mineral water”

Hauser Weinimport
Published by in News · 22 July 2016
For several years we have already used the water of our own mineral spring, the “Neufnachtaler Quelle”, as a basis for our company’s products (e.g. ice tea, aqua+, wine spritzer). This water has been officially approved as a “natural mineral water” and shows these special qualities:
  • well-balanced mineralization
  • suited for a low sodium diet
  • ideal for the preparation of baby food
So now we are really pleased to offer this excellent water from our hometown, which is filled in a practical and modern Tetra Prisma, to our employees to enjoy.
With that we took the opportunity to give our colleagues easy access to our company’s values, which we are really proud of and put into practice every day.
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