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Hauser Weinimport
Published by in News · 5 August 2016
Craft Hugo is the trendy combination of white wines, natural citrus and elderflower flavors plus the typical taste of beer, which has been brewed artisanal and with passion in a traditional local brewery.
Craft Hugo with 4% abv. is perfect for all beer lovers, who like the typical taste of Hugo and for Hugo lovers who like it less sweet, with a touch of beer. For all who are looking for less alcohol but full taste. An ideal drink to chill out at the beach or for a barbecue – best enjoyed cool!
In Holland already launched on the market and supported by several trade promotion activities, in Germany extremely positive responses after market tests received: „Excellent taste“, „delicious“, „not too sweet“ – soon available in German retail, too!
Hauser – Sense for trends.

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