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Certifications strengthen confidence

The main purpose of a certification is already explained by its latin origin  “Certum facere”  which means  “make certain”.

A Certification is thus a process through which the compliance of products and their manufacturing processes with constantly high quality standards is granted.

Independent certifications give our retail partners and the consumer impartial safety, which they can rely on.

International Food Standard

Hauser holds the certification of the International Food Standard (IFS) on the highest level. It is regularly reviewed and confirmed by independent employees of the IFS.

British Retail Consortium – BRC Global Standards

Hauser also hold the certification of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) – the Global Standard for Food Safety – Class A.

Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG) – DLG Test Center Food

Hauser hold the certification of the DLG Test Center Food, which continuously confirms compliance with the strict standards of the “DLG quality management – wine”.

ORGANIC Certification according to EG-Organic-Regulation

Our production facility also holds an organic certification. As part of regular controls through an independent organic inspection body the compliance with the strict policies of the regulation 834/2007 on the production and the labelling of organic products is reviewed and confirmed.

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