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Eistee Premium

Hauser Ice Tea Premium  is produced from freshly brewed fruit tea and black tea. In this context, very gentle product processing allows to maintain the full flavour of the fresh fruit tea. In combination with selected fruit juices and flavours, Hauser Ice Tea Premium is the perfect product for premium quality consumers!

A selected blend of fruit tea from rose hip and aromatic hibiscus from Sudan makes Hauser Ice Tea Premium a manifold premium product.

Especially interesting: Fruit tea contains no caffeine! So you always get a refreshing beverage for the whole family – absolutely without caffeine.

Modern, aseptic bottling technology ensures the very gentle and safe bottling of the product into the PET bottle – You get best quality over a long period of time and both natural and full taste without the addition of any preservatives!

Black Tea, Fruit Tea, White Tea, Green Tea, etc.
Peach, Lemon, Strawberry-Kiwi, Cherry, Wild Berry, Elderflower-lemon, etc.
Available in:
1,5 Liter PET-bottle (disposable)
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